Coming in Late 2015/Early 2016, Gestalt: The Card Game is a digital card game of impending danger.

The year is 2122.  Following United Earth's colonization of the moon in 1988, mankind has prospered.  Mining colonies have been set up on many planets and asteroids in the solar system.  Modular Enhanced Cybernetic Helpers, or M.E.C.Hs, have been designed to allow small crews of miners, pilots and engineers to maintain mining facilities on remote planets and asteroids.  Designed for short range space flight and mobility in harsh environments, M.E.C.H. technology is present on every colony.  But recently, a few of the outer colonies have stopped communicating.  Now, we know why.

A recent communication has let us know that our colonies are being invaded.  Various alien entities are arriving in waves, with conquest on their minds.  It is up to the mining crews to adapt the M.E.C.H. technology to defend humanity from the alien invaders.

Gestalt: The Card Game is a deck building card game for 1-6 players.  Collect the M.E.C.H. components you need to defeat the invading alien threats before they destroy your colony. It is targeted for an IOS Universal,  Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and Ouya release.