Press Release

Legends Game Studios, working in conjunction with Spectrum Games, will be releasing a free GM/Player Utility for Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3.

Some of the features will include:

• Character Manager and Viewer
• Campaign Manager — GMs can store and organize PC records, GMC records, Vehicle records and more, and view and edit them as needed.
• Campaign Link Mode
• Invite players to Campaign
• Add PCs and GMCs to the current scene.
• Online dice roller with or without modifiers or difficulty.

According to Spectrum President, Cynthia Celeste Miller, “This app is going to make playing Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3 easier than ever before, especially for playing online via Skype or other such online methods. We’re very excited by the possibilities and look forward to working with Dragon Pro Studios on other projects as well.”

It will be available through Windows Store (for Windows 8+), direct download (for Windows XP+/Mac), Google Play and Amazon AppStore (for Android) and iTunes App Store (for iPod/iPhone/iPad) soon.

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